Well, we made a big run through California Gold Country, including Sierraville, Sierra City, Downieville, Grass Valley, and Nevada City.  We mostly cruised around all the towns and did not delve too deep into the available properties.  So, it was mostly about environment and whether we felt these would be places that we’d like to retire.  Although the towns are all awesome, we might be running up against the California income tax situation.  So I think we’ll head in other directions.

After the drive, I did notice one thing.  Physically, driving is not as much fun to me as it use to be.  I was stiff for two days and finally broke down and went to my favorite chiropractor for an adjustment.  The doctor was easy to get an appointment with and we discussed chronic back pain issues.  I’ve not had back pain all the time, but when I get it – I truly suffer.  This was one of those occasions.  Guess this stuff gets worse with age because I found myself really sore from a pretty passive activity (driving).

Chiropractor recommends that next time I get out of the car more often.  A little roadside stretching might go a long way towards keeping me out of lower back pain.

By the way, I’ve never been much for chiropractic until now.  The whole crackling my neck thing bugs the crap out of me and seems awfully dangerous.  The doctor says that there is a checklist of things to make sure of before you ever give anyone an adjustment because you don’t want to risk harm.  I hope he’s always right.

Anyway, I digress.  My trip made me really miss my teen days in Downieville.  The drive around town reminded me of days in the river, dating local girls, hanging out in the great swimming holes, and more.  Might have to write some stories about those memories soon.  I’ll let you in on some fun things that happened in those years.