Sioux Falls South Dakota RestaurantLocated at 500 E. 69th Street in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is Look’s Marketplace.  Not only are they a specialty market they also serve some of the best food in the area.  Owner, Carl Look, was the youngest of thirteen brothers in Germany.  Prior to moving to the United States, Carl spent three years as a butcher apprentice.

His first venture in Sioux Falls in 1883, was opening a butter shop with his brother, August, where it was located on 7th and Main.  He decided to open his own butcher shop in 1891 located on 8th and Main and named is Look’s Marketplace. 

Carl’s son, Roy, would work with his father after school learning the butcher trade.  In 1941, Carl passed away willing his business to his son.  In 1965 a long-time employee, Bud Doer, purchased the shop where he ran for decades.  The shop changed hands several times over the years and in 2007 Greg Heinman bought the business which is now located in the Heather Ridge Village on 69th and Western.  

Greg strives to give the same great service Carl Look gave to his customers, greeting them by name and visiting with every one that walks in the door.  No wonder he has 4.7-star Google ratings with over three hundred reviews.

Monk’s Ale House is located on the East Bank in Downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  It sits in a 1920 brick building which was converted to a furniture business in 2003.  One of the businesses in the building was the Craftsman Creek Gallery which featured artwork that was made by local people. Sioux Falls SD Restaurant

The owner of the building had lived in Portland, Oregon for several years and was very aware of the revolution of craft beer.  He decided to overhaul the building and turn it into a true craft brewery as he felt Sioux Falls was ready to have one.  He named it Monk’s House of Ale Repute after a Belgian Beer.

The brewery was bought in 2020 by Justin Henrichsen who had an ale house in Rapid City, South Dakota.  He renovated the place and renamed it Monk’s Ale House.  The popularity of the brewery has given Justin a strong 4.6 star rating on the internet with over 325 positive posts.  

Located at 196 E. 6th Street in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is Harvester Kitchen by Bryan.  It is owned by Jim Entenman and Bryan Moscatello who had a vision of serving only locally sourced and grown ingredients.  They serve local beer and have a wide variety of wines in their cellar to choose from.

Sioux Falls SD Restaurant PhotoA native of Sioux Falls, Jim Entenman, is the oldest of 8 sisters and brothers.  He grew up in the family business and caught the entrepreneur bug at an early age.  After he graduated from Northern State College in Aberdeen, he opened several Harley-Davidson stores.  He served time as a City Councilman in Sioux Falls and has been active in the community his whole life.

Prior to opening Harvester Kitchen by Bryan, Bryan Moscatello spent thirty years in high end kitchens as a chef.  He was even the Chef in Washington DC at The Oval Room.  He met many DC dignitaries like John Lithgow and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in addition to Congressman and women as wells as Senators.   

They may only have nine evaluations on the world wide web but the evaluations give them a strong 4.8-star rating.