yellow-guest-houseYellow Guesthouse is a dream of ours.  More a goal than a fantasy. We want to have a property that looks like a large home but is actually truly a featureless BNB.  Probably about 8 guest suites with a minimal common area and small kitchenettes in each suite.

Where will we have this property?  We don’t know yet.  We like the Yuba River in California.  So we could imagine having it in a town like Downieville or Sierra City.  Maybe down into the Grass Valley / Nevada City area.  But, we’re not limited to California.  If we found the right place in another State such as Oregon, we could go there too.  Maybe the little town of Bend Oregon?

Fate will lead us.  We’re positive of that.  So for now, we will save and invest our money wisely until the right property comes available.  Then we’ll have our Big Yellow Guesthouse.